You can make the biggest difference in the life of a hungry homeless pet.
We have NO age limit.


Help us prepare donations

At FURgotten Paws Donation Parties, volunteers help sort and prepare donations. At these parties, expect to:

  • Learn more about the program.

  • Place donations into Ziplock bags.

  • Prepare treats, toys, and bowls.

  • Connect with members of your community.

  • Have a FUN time while supporting a great cause.


Connect with your community

Every week, FURgotten Paws hands out donations to pets in need. The best way to feed more pets is by having more volunteers! With more volunteers, we are able to spread out across the Denver Metro area and help feed more hungry pets. It is a rewarding experience when you see the happy tail wags of our recipients!

If this interests you, expect to:

  • Meet up with other volunteers at a predetermined location. This is usually near parks or homeless shelters.

  • Pass out donations. This includes enough food for the week, a collapsible bowl, and treats (if wanted). We never want to over burden our recipients.

  • Connect with your community, talk to them, and learn their unique stories.


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